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Embark on the ultimate skills development journey with our Rider Development Clinics, where the art of riding meets the science of coaching.
Rooted in collaborative learning and guided by mindful horsemanship, our dual coaching, group clinics offer an immersive experience designed to advance and refine your riding skills.


who will coach you and where

Our clinics redefine the learning experience with the dynamic approach of dual coaching. Immerse yourself in the guidance of not just one, but two passionate and like-minded coaches, both dedicated to your development.

The Studio Location: 

Braziers Well, Oak Lane, Braziers End, HP5 2UL

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How we help you develop your skills

step 1

Video Evaluation 

Your journey begins before you even set foot in the clinic. Grab a friend to help you and send us footage of your riding prior to the event, and Wiola will provide personalised video feedback.

This initial assessment sets the stage for a tailored and focused clinic experience.


step 2

Group Skills Development Sessions

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We meet at MME Studio and the true magic begins!


The heart of our clinics lies in the power of group dynamics. Join fellow riders in a supportive and collaborative environment as we come together to work on refining skills, addressing challenges, and fostering a community of like-minded equestrians. Our dual coaching approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of both rider and horse dynamics.

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step 3

Your Individual Time within the Clinic

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Recognising that each rider is unique, our clinics go beyond group dynamics to offer individualised coaching sessions within the group session.

Benefit from one-on-one focus, addressing specific concerns, refining techniques, and zooming on your personal goals.

This personalised touch ensures that your clinic experience is finely tuned to your individual needs and aspirations.

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Book your place now

We can't wait to hear your unique story and be a part of your journey in developing the skills you aspire to achieve. Your goals are our focus, and we're excited to support you every step of the way.

£80 per person NON MEMBERS £55 AERA MEMBERS

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