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We specialise in BHS training for those riders who find a popular working student route via vocational training at riding schools difficult to integrate into academic schedules, working commitments and/or family life.


Our approach to the exam training is flexible and creative with quality learning experience as a primary goal. Our clients range from young people who want a useful and enjoyable full or part-time job as a groom or an instructor through enthusiastic horse owners wanting to acquire the industry specific knowledge, to mature individuals from a high pressure working environment who are looking for a lifestyle change and a new job!

As you progress, we incorporate practice at riding schools and livery yards, take you to top trainers for shadow-training sessions, invite you to groom at events and let you shadow-teach at training sessions with the Academy riders whilst always making sure the training plans fit around the busy life you may have.

To read more about the exam system and browse the syllabuses for each of the exams please click here to visit the BHS website.

All BHS coaching is fully personalised to your circumstances. To check availability and discuss how we can help you achieve your career goals contact Wiola at 07438 758 217 or email

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