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Wanted: A yard to Rent

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There comes a time in every lifespan of a little idea when it grows and expands beyond its original boundries. And such time has come for Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy. 

We have made the Academy work in a way nobody has before (as far as we know!). We made the most of our opportunities, fostered great relationships with yard owners and horse owners and kept developing despite limitations. 

Now it's time for the next step:  #GrowingTheAcademy

We want to be able to offer our training to many more riders out there and for this we need a place to call home. 

The search is on and we would love for all of you who have signed up for our updates, check our blog and follow Aspire training adventures to feel involved. We appreciate your support and good wishes :) 

Here's what we are after.

Location: ideally Bucknghamshire or Hertfordshire but we are open minded

Yard stats: up to 20 stables - either already in place or possibility to add to existing ones if fewer than 10. Good training facilities (all weather arena, other riding areas, good hacking). Good turn out - we like the horses to be horses. Additional areas that make running an educational facility possible (lecture room, office, storage areas) - or an option to add those. 

Important: The yard must allow a livery and a coaching business on site. We are sociable and want to create many exciting training opportunities for like minded riders...

We are happy to bring new life to an old place or get stuck right in if a perfect facility comes up. All options considered so if you think you know of someone who knows someone - give us a shout! 

Tweet, call, Facebook message, Instagram a photo or send us a good old email -  special invitation for the Open Day awaits ;) 

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